Executive Vice President - Banking

Please apply via Career Builder - Do Not Call the Bank

Job Posting:

The Harvard State Bank iss looking for an EVP ? this is a newly created position for the bank of 225 million. This positon will be responsible for the direct oversight and management of the bank under the direction of the CEO/President.? This position will directly manage the Retail and Loan Department of the bank.? This position will be involved with all departments? with oversight into the day to day operations,


Primary Duties/Responsibilities:?

  • Manages the successful operation of the Bank ? profitability, efficiencies, products, processes, policies, compliance and to ensure that the audit and examinations of the bank meet all government regulations.

  • Works closely with the Operations/Compliance/Finance/Marketing/IT Departments

  • Ensures tasks, objectives, and goals designated and approved by the CEO/President are fulfilled properly.

  • Assist the CEO/ President with formulating and implementing the strategic plan

  • Interacting with top priority clients on various issues

  • Recommends annual Budget strategies.

  • Engages in business development activities through a network of contacts developed; communicates the Bank?s vision and culture to members of management to instill and motivate assigned goals.

  • Ensures the development and pursuit of effective marketing strategies to create a strong brand image for the Bank

  • To set the overall culture of the Bank ? leading by example

  • To Lead the Bank within the communities we service and be a presence in all communities

  • To operate within the guidelines of responsible management to encourage growth of all staff members and enhance the working environment

  • Follow established bank policies and procedures

  • Any and all other duties as assigned by CEO/President


    Sales / Cross Selling

  • Being a referral source for the Bank

  • Manages and tracks the Sales Process for all areas of the Bank

  • Networking within the community

  • Represent Bank at Community Events/Expos/Trade Shows, etc.






Minimum Required Skills


  • 4 year degree in Business administration management, or similar and/or job related experience

  • Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, Regulatory and Operations experience preferred, general knowledge accepted.

  • 5 years management experience

  • Regulatory knowledge on and for financial reporting

  • Intermediate knowledge of accounting principles and procedures.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Ability to work with, interpret and explain financial information to management and staff as needed.

Don't Be Fooled

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